Less is More

About Us

Architect met CT Tech.

Fell In love.

Had a baby.

Now we make T-Shirts.



Nic, Andrea & Ava Sanchez


It all started over coffee…


Wedding Day

Board of Trade - Chicago, IL

I met Andrea on a cold winter night in January 2014 at a local Starbucks. She worked as CT Tech for Community Hospital in Munster and I as an Architect for a private firm in Hammond. One date led to another and 9 months later we were engaged. The following summer we were married. Shortly after, we spoke about a family and Andrea’s desire to stay at home. That is how we came up with the idea that would eventually become Midwest Prints.

We started as an athletic apparel line, bought a small table top press and worked out of our sun room. Oh, also that week we found out we were pregnant. Talk about a pressure! We started this business as a way for my wife to stay at home and I now had 9 months to make it successful enough to replace her income. Months went by and we were off to very slow start. Then a friend of our who owns an ice cream shop asked us to make shirts for him. He told a friend, then that friend told a friend, then a school, and the rest is history. We found more success in one month printing for businesses than we had in the last 6 months with the clothing line. It was time to re-brand and Midwest Prints was born.


Ava is Born

November 2016

3 months later Ava arrived. By this time we had already establish a very solid client base, many of them local to NWI. Clients such as Regionwear, Aster + Gray, and HERE Magazine. Many of them were also starting out in their businesses, so it has been great to have many other supportive creative individuals to grow with together. When 2017 hit, we had starting working with much larger clients, such as Ross:Dress For Less, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Chik-Fil-A. Month after month we kept growing then finally in July of that year, Andrea was able to leave her job and stay home with Ava full time!

Having her home has been such a blessing. While caring for Ava, she also answers all calls, emails, sends our invoices, sorts incoming orders, and is in the process of starting a non-for-profit: What About Mommy to raise awareness for mothers who have experienced birth trauma. (To read her story, click here)


As for me, i still work at the firm full time and manage Midwest Prints full time. It was difficult at first trying to juggle both, most times having to work 100 hour weeks. Time management has been crucial to make sure we get everything accomplish and also spend time with the family.

When we’re not printing, you can find us at one of local markets like Hunt & Gather or Fetching. We also love to travel and show Ava the world. Photography is another passion of ours, which is made easy since Ava is always ready for a photoshoot!

We have met many great people since we started Midwest Prints and always ready to meet more! If you would like to grab a bite and chat, talk business, and see how we can help each other grow, feel free to reach out.

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to what the future brings for us!

- Nic